Aly Tortillas

It is easy and simple to reach healty, satisfing and delicious tastes with ALY products. You can quickly prepare Wraps, Burritos, Fajitas, Quesadillas or Pizza ! by using ALY Tortillas

Aly Tortillas are being made with best ingredients in most modern factory of all Middle East And Turkey

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ALY Traditional Turkish Desserts

Traditional Turkish desserts; Kemalpasa, Sekerpare, Gullac, Kadayif/Shredded and Cheese Desserts are made by us to make your life easier and to crown your cuisine


ALY Cookies!

ALY cookies with its delicious taste, will be your habit in Tea/Coffee times! ALY cookies are being made in Turkey's biggest cookie factory, %100 Natural no additives Experience the natural taste in cookies

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Turkish Ravioli/Manti and Tarhana (Soup)

Turkish kind of ravioli will enhance your satisfaction for meal Warm bowl of ALY Tarhana soup will be your irrevocable appetite of Winter cuisine

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